Election Night

Last night was my first election night in the US. Bush won, I guess the Lewinsky thing screwed Gore too. I don’t really know too much about US politics, I’ve only been here just over a year. Almost all of my friends in the dorms are freaking out and saying they’re moving to Canada. I can’t imagine things getting THAT bad. There were only a couple people in the lounge who were happy with the results. One of them was a girl from school and the other one was her friend who was visiting for the week. He’s a missionary. My friends told me that most of the Republicans (Bush’s party) are Christians who are really into their religion. I guess this guy fits the generalization. I’m curious to discuss religion with him. A lot of the people in the lounge were being kinda hostile towards him because his opinion was different from theirs. That’s never struck me as a good way to deal with stuff. I’m always curious to hear about a different opinion because it’s interesting to see how someone got there.

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