Not as optimistic….

I had a lesson this week. You’d think that in itself wouldn’t be worth writing about, but my teacher is ALWAYS out of town. That combined with the fact that he thinks I suck doesn’t make things fun. I’m learning a lot in ear training and theory classes, so that’s cool. The humanities teacher is a prof from Columbia, so that’s pretty awesome too. So yeah, basically everything except playing the trumpet is good which curiously makes me kinda dark since I’m supposed to be here to play my horn. I’m actually pissed off about the lesson because when he asked what I had worked on when I was younger, I played some of Carnival of Venice for him, and that fat f–cking a–hole just dismissed it as if it was nothing. I KNOW I have a lot of work to do on my jazz playing, but would it be so bad to acknowledge the strengths in my playing. Maybe if he was actually in town enough to teach weekly lessons he’d realise one of his students wasn’t motivated. I don’t even like his playing.  I just chose him for a teacher, because his name was the only one I recognized on the trumpet faculty list. Nothing he plays is original. It’s all ripped-off bop licks. Even his writing sounds like that. The only thing of value in his playing is his range, but I think it’s just all the fat squeezing out the high notes. The OTHER thing I want to know is, where’s all that money he’s getting paid for my weekly lessons going???? Do I get that back? Does he have to makeup the lessons before the year is over? Yeah, I’m getting dark.

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