Day One

CD pg 1Well, I’m here in NYC. It’s a dream come true, but still a little overwhelming. The bus ride was long, and I was a little freaked out at the beginning, because they put my luggage on a different bus, but I picked it up at the first stop when we caught up to the first bus, so I have everything. My folks were all emotional when the bus pulled out of the terminal at Toronto, for some reason I wasn’t really expecting that, but I guess it makes sense since I’m finally “leaving the nest”.

Walking out on to Eighth avenue wasn’t as intense as the first time, but was still pretty cool. ¬†Getting from the bus to the cab, and then from the cab to my dorm room was also a bit of a challenge, since I had more bags than hands, but I managed, thanks to this hot little Irish redhead girl who helped out at Port Authority, heh heh.

Damn, I still can’t believe I’m here. I’m definitely kinda freaked out about the competition down here, but I’m hoping I can catch up with some hard work. Everyone seems pretty nice so far. I think I’ll walk around the dorms and meet a few people before trying to get some lunch, but first I need to buy a new wallet because this fluorescent orange thing I’ve had since high school isn’t exactly something I want to pull out of my pocket in public.

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