Jazz History 101

We had our first jazz history class today. I heard this guy was “a tyrant”, but he’s actually pretty cool. He started right at the beginning. I’m not talking about “Dixieland” jazz or even Buddy Bolden, this guy started with the French settling in New Orleans!! Pretty badass, he explained how New Orleans went through different rulers, from the French to the Spanish, back to the French, and finally┬áto the Americans in the Lousiana Purchase. The important thing about New Orleans was, the Africans who were brought over as slaves were allowed to practice and play the music of their African ancestry on Sundays. (Other colonies completely repressed their slaves’ African culture) It was the European colonists’ way of assimilating the slaves into Christianity (in New Orleans). This continued until the Americans took over the colony. Anyways, I’m pretty excited about this class because I’m also taking an American History class with that humanities teacher from my first 2 years and I think these two courses will complement each other nicely.

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