A Pleasant Surprise

I guess I forgot to talk about the new ear training teacher I have this year. Well, he isn’t new to the school, he’s just new to us. He was actually the person who administered the ear training and theory placement exams last summer when I first got to NYC. He seemed really nice, but after a year here, I’ve grown far more cynical and far less trusting, but after a few classes, he seems really sincere. No, bullsh-t, he’ll let you know when something’s not right, but I feel like it’s always coming from a place of wanting to help. The first ear training class was funny. He said something like “Think of me as your own personal trainer for your ears…by the end of this year, you’re going to be able to hear paint dry”. The rest of class and I kinda looked at each other like “is this guy for real?!?!?”, but it’s refreshing to have a teacher who seems so positive when we’re surrounded by so much darkness and pessimism in the city. I don’t know how he’s still so upbeat after being here for so long, I should probably ask him one day.

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