New Ensemble

They put me in this new big band they started up. The Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra. The director is kinda hilarious, but I’m a little intimidated in rehearsals because he’s really abrasive sometimes. I guess it’s that old school philosophy of being hard on the band to get the best out of them. Everyone who’s in the band seems pretty cool, so that’s a plus. The trumpet section gets along really well too. The lead player is incredible. I’ve never heard anyone who can play that high and loud, but can also play really well over chord changes. He was telling me he went to Ohio State for his undergrad and when I told him I’m from Toronto, he mentioned that his college wind ensemble played a concert at the Scarborough Civic Centre back in the 90’s. I’m pretty sure I saw that concert when I was in high school. What are the odds?…One of the other trumpet players is in my improv class, the other guy is an undergrad from California. They both sound great too.

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