So far so good

I’m back in Toronto for the summer and I’m in an awesome groove with practicing and working out. I go to the dinner theatre place where I work to run through my morning warmup while it’s empty. Then I head to U of T and workout before eating lunch and practicing some more there. Then I head back to the dinner theatre place to play the show before heading back home to sleep do the same thing the next day. I’m running every other day and on the stationary bike EVERYday. I finally have that 6-pack, haha! I still can’t get my bench press up, but I feel like I LOOK pretty ripped which is nice. I see OG at U of T everyday, and that’s been nice, but I’ve also been getting to know NG at work more. I’m really getting confused and frustrated about why I don’t like NG more. Maybe I really do need to stop hanging out with OG to move on? Oh well. I’m practicing more than I have in a LONG time, so that’s pretty sweet too. I’m looking forward to kicking some ass in NYC in the fall. They built a new dorm building for us, and I lucked out and got this HUGE single room on the 12th floor facing the Hudson River. That’ll be pretty sweet. I’ve had to deal with tiny rooms for both of my first 2 years. Apparently the new dorm has a 24 hr gym and internet access. I saved up some money so I can FINALLY buy my own computer. I think I’ll get a Mac like I always wanted to. My dad would never get one because he software he runs for work is Windows only. I figure I can also use it for watching movies and listening to music so I can actually have people hang out in my room this year.

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