Happy Birthday to Me…

We went to Wendy’s last night for my b-day. I set a new personal record. the triple classic meal, biggie sized and 35 nuggets. My friends tagged along for moral support, baaaaaahahahahaha! I’m not sure WHY I do these things, but it’s just good clean fun, right? I guess I haven’t explained how the annual traditional started:

My first b-day in NYC was the day before my freshman jury (final performance exam), so going out drinking wasn’t an option. So…..I decided I would go to Wendy’s and see how much I could eat instead. It seemed like something entertaining for my friends, so I did it again this year. Maybe I’ll go for 40 nuggets next year, heh heh. I also heard about this restaurant that has a 1 pound burger. Maybe I’ll move the festivities there instead! :-D

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