Spring for All But Me…

Spring For All But MeI’m home for spring break. I love how we get 2 weeks off because of audition week. I hung out with OG again last night. It was fun, but it feels like I put all this effort into the friendship and even that’s becoming one sided too. When I was driving her home, she was telling me about this new guy she has crush on. I pretended to be happy for her (like I always do), then I went back to school to practice, but I sat down at the piano for a moment and came up with a short phrase I like. Maybe being sad is good for composing….or maybe composing is good for being sad.

I also hungout with my best friend Katie while I was in town. It’s funny how we never really hung out that much when I was still in Toronto, but since I moved to NYC she’s become like the sister I always wanted. OG asked why I don’t see if things could work out with Katie, but I don’t want to risk messing up an awesome friendship, There’s nothing wrong with her or anything like that, I think I just REALLY value having a friend like this for the first time in a long time. She just seeing this guy who also goes to U of T and she’s pretty excited about it, so that’s cool. He sounds like a nice guy too. I guess we’ll all go to Wendy’s the next time I’m in T.O., haha! I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that seeing another friend starting a relationship didn’t remind me that I’M still alone. Oh well, I guess it really is spring for all but me.

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