First Rehearsal

Wow, the first rehearsal was even worse than the placement audition. I mean, everyone else sounded great, I don’t know why they put me in such an awesome band, I’m easily the worst player in the group. There’s this bari sax player girl who’s the only other undergrad in the group, but she sounds amazing. The pianist, bassist and drummer and all masters students. Maybe they thought this would kick my ass into shape? I hope it works. Good thing I’m on the early morning practice kick again. I don’t even know what to start working on, there’s just so much. I hope the band doesn’t hate me too much for sucking so much. We ran through a couple charts in the rehearsal and it felt a lot like the first time I tried to improvise over chord changes in high school.

I still haven’t had my first lesson yet. I hope my teacher doesn’t think I suck too. I dunno, maybe I’ll feel better when the private lessons start. I just feel like I’m out of my element down here, it’s not like I was a superstar back home or anything before I left, so I don’t even have that to keep my spirits up. Welcome to NYC Suresh.

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